Fair play to GTECH. It finally seems to be getting its house in order. We have given the company a fair bit of stick over recent years as it has struggled to integrate all its moving parts into one unified whole. But credit where credit’s due, you cannot fault the logic behind its latest rebrand and strategy overhaul.

It has been baffling at times to follow the progress of the company formerly known as Lottomatica. It is difficult to know what is being announced by whom when you receive press releases name-checking SPIELO G2, Boss Media and Lottomatica in the opening sentence.

Furthermore, it was equally baffling receiving press releases from somewhere deep inside Lottomatica about social products for lotteries without a mention of the company’s interactive division. These surely should have been developed by, or at least in conjunction with, G2.

If it was confusing for us, it must have been equally difficult for customers...

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