The UK Gambling Commission handed out a record fine on Thursday but 888's mistake could just be the tip of the iceberg.

"Yeah, it's been coming," said one source about the UK Gambling Commission's record-breaking settlement for 888 over its failure to shut out 7,000 customers, who were supposed to be self-excluded.

The source was referring to the Gambling Commission's new look as a regulator with teeth -  not to any perceived endemic self-exclusion problems at 888 or any other operator. 888 is actually pretty hot on social responsibility, which we will come to later.

"Everybody will read the Gambling Commission report today and try to understand if it could happen on their site and whether they are foolproof," one operator's CEO told us.

Some of them are under investigation by the Commission already. It would not be a huge exaggeration to argue that this settlement could mark a new era for regulatory scrutiny. It is well overdue.

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