The FIFA World Cup is a massive marketing opportunity for betting operators. Ian Bradley, chief product officer at SBTech, explains how they can they ensure offer-driven sign-ups become long-term customers. Personalisation, CRM and data all play key roles, alongside a powerful sports engine to follow up on the momentum generated by the world’s most widely viewed sporting event.

With the World Cup getting underway in Russia today, betting operators have been busy marketing their products across all leading media and platforms.

As with all major sporting events, operators will attract large numbers of new players by promoting generous sign-up or first deposit bonus offers; but the perennial problem of ensuring that these offer-driven sign-ups become long-term customers will be one of the main – if not the main – topic under discussion as sportsbook heads debrief their teams after the tournament.

The question has never been more relevant, due to the increasingly prominent roles played by personalisation, CRM, user experience and customer journey, along with ‘simpler’ technical issues such as load-time, site speed and responsiveness.

These considerations add to the pressures produced by price comparison and the financial targets that must be hit in markets where regulatory costs and intense competition create highly challenging environments.

All these factors strongly influence how SBTech analyses the sports betting market and how it works to create a sportsbook and casino platform that meets all requirements and delivers across all metrics.

The company’s twin focus on mobile betting and on combining online, mobile and retail products into consistent and coherent omni-channel experiences enable it to design bespoke offerings that power profitability in some of the world’s most dynamic and demanding markets.

The majority of today’s players are comfortable with the principle of data collection and are highly receptive to betting suggestions based on their behaviour, chiefly when such recommendations relate to previous wins.

Meanwhile, as the industry looks to attract fresh demographics, focus groups comprising younger players have enabled SBTech to apply ideas drawn from gaming to its latest innovations, including bet recommendation engines like Action Betting and next- generation cash out functionalities such as Add2Bet, as well as Pulse, the company’s latest live betting innovation.

Deep dive – increased engagement
These features enable SBTech operators to achieve true differentiation, enhance customer engagement and increase brand loyalty, especially on mobile. In hugely competitive territories such as the UK, our emphasis on fast development and regular iteration of new features is a rare quality that sets the company apart from the rest of the field.

Deep dives into customer data allow us to define and reach our target audiences more effectively. World Cup players have distinctive patterns: traditionally they make lower deposits and churn more, lowering expected lifetime value. The way to break down the data is by investigating customer behaviour according to criteria such as win/bet ratio, activity and bet preferences in order to maximise value.

This segmentation into different customer personas enables SBTech to suggest the right action to the right player at the right time. This might involve a strong offer on the second deposit for a one-time depositing player, or increasing the value of a highly engaged football bettor by suggesting crossover bets to other sports or products.

These educated, data-supported decisions enable SBTech’s teams to drill down into the player database and decide which layers of segmented players to invest in. Understanding each of these customer personas and preferences is the key to rewarding them in ways that will keep them engaged with the brand according to their historical activities and betting patterns.

These approaches are proven to result in loyal, multi-time depositors, who can then be engaged further to achieve optimal lifetime value. By applying deep analytics to the fields of bet recommendation, user experience and customer journey, SBTech helps partners and operators get the best returns from their World Cup-related CRM and marketing spend.


This sponsored editorial first appeared in the Apr-Jun 2018 issue of GIQ magazine