SBTech’s Casino Hub is on course to develop the same high profile as its industry-leading sportsbook solution. Underpinned by a strong technical framework and a rapidly-growing list of customers, it has benefited from a series of major updates over the past six months. By Ian Bradley, chief product officer, SBTech.

The range, depth and quality of SBTech’s casino platform have made it an increasingly significant element of the group’s product offering. While SBTech’s core business has historically been sports betting, the past six months have seen intensive development of the recently-launched Casino Hub, allowing clients to seamlessly add elements such as casino games and payment providers to SBTech’s Chameleon360 iGaming Platform.

This development process included major upgrades to the Hub’s infrastructure, enhancing its flexibility and capacity to integrate new casino content suppliers.

Thanks to the efforts of multi-disciplinary teams across the group’s international network of R&D centres, SBTech has quickly established itself as one of the few major iGaming suppliers to offer a fully integrated sports and casino platform solution to its portfolio of operators that comes with a seamless wallet for cross-product bonusing, using advanced triggers from the complex event programming engine.

Seamless integration
From an operational perspective, the implementation of the Casino Hub presents key advantages when it comes to adding new casino suppliers to the platform. These include reduced integration times, flexibility and a uniformity of processes, along with the enviable speed to market for which SBTech is renowned.

Launched in early 2018, the Hub allows SBTech to easily align its product roadmap to take account of new vendor integrations. A modular and independent system, it powers superior processing times for transactions between the SBTech wallet and suppliers, and comes complete with lobby management tools which allow operators to promote, assign and order games according to widgets, game categories and user segments.

In the past few months, this has enabled SBTech to seamlessly integrate casino content from leading providers, with many more in the pipeline, while also preparing the group for certification and launch in New Jersey.

The integration process also applies to payments, a key differentiator for SBTech. A new payment provider can now either be integrated directly with the platform, or through the group’s APIs. This unique twin approach is especially relevant to banking, since the data flow for transactions is far more complex than for other activities.

To provide the stronger security required to protect payments data, the group has developed proprietary features for the integration of new secure payment systems. Both payments and casino providers can now proactively integrate from their side, giving them integration autonomy and freedom, while SBTech oversees the whole process. This enables faster completion and a flexibility that is unmatched by any of the group’s competitors.

Peerless personalisation
In addition to the Casino Hub, SBTech is currently implementing a number of other new product features designed to provide unprecedented degrees of player personalisation through the group’s API development schedule. The end result will be that SBTech partners’ casino front ends will be tailored precisely to their players’ preferences and settings, based on their histories and unique activity records.

The rollout of these advanced APIs will allow operators to seamlessly integrate all new functionalities, simply by enabling the personalised feed for each casino widget or category, permitting the personalisation API to recommend specific games to players.

This can be achieved explicitly, whereby an operator tells a player that the recommended title is based on their recent selections; or more subtly, with the titles populating the lobby chosen according to the player’s location, segmentation profile and previous activity.

While these projects were initiated by SBTech’s Casino division, the resulting advances have benefited the entire group. Chameleon360 is now a complete solution that enables clients to manage their operations across all channels and verticals.

As a leader in the fields of data analytics, machine learning, real-time segmentation and aggregation, user experience and predictive analytics, the strength of the platform is complemented by the flexibility and configurability of its functions. Combined with the industry’s leading sportsbook, SBTech’s casino products are now at the core of the group’s success, with more Tier 1 operators than ever opting to upgrade to the sector’s premier solution.