Design Works Gaming (DWG) UK chief executive officer Andy Harris discusses the importance of localised content and how using data can drive growth in new markets.

Our industry is almost certainly facing some of its toughest challenges since its inception. A fragmented and unforgiving regulatory landscape, increasing tax pressures and unparalleled levels of competition in many markets represent some of the greatest of those challenges. Relentless operator growth that has been commonplace for years can no longer be assumed.

The search for new revenue streams often leads operators to look for expansion outside of their traditional markets. This can present many challenges, not least with providing relevant localised content. From a gaming perspective, the most basic requirements for any game will be to offer the appropriate language/s, currencies and meet the necessary regulatory requirements. But there is so much more that can be done to ensure you succeed in new markets.

Over the years, assumptions have been made about the game preferences of players from different countries which haven’t always been correct. For example, you are categorically told that players from ‘country A’ must have 3D graphics, amazing animations and low volatility games. Sometimes, it actually turns out that ‘country A’ players don’t care about the graphics and want volatility that’s off the scale.

Rather than relying on assumptions and hearsay, operators can turn to suppliers who have prior experience, knowledge and data on their new target markets to help them.

At DWG, the use of data from our land-based and social casino operations is central to everything we do. One example of this is the utilisation of specially designed algorithms to look at the performance of our portfolio of games across many different territories and player demographics to understand what titles work best. These algorithms are based on a number of KPIs, including average daily spins, unique users and stakes, lobby positioning, promotional activity and more.

As we are about to enter the world of real money gaming over the next few months, we will utilise this data to ensure we only launch our best performing titles in each region. This will allow our operating partners to approach new markets where we have this excellent insight, with a lot more confidence, armed with proven content to target their new player bases.

But that’s not where we want to stop. We are keen to work closely with our clients to gain deeper player insights so that we can continue to regionalise our content to make it more relevant and attractive for player groups in each territory.

This will allow our operating partners to approach new markets, where we have this excellent data driven insight, with a lot more confidence, armed with proven content to target their new player bases.

There is always an element of risk when entering new markets, especially ones that differ significantly from an operator’s home territories. However, with the increasing adoption of data, operators and suppliers can be more confident than ever of offering games that have a significant chance of success.