The iGaming industry is moving at a fast pace, with huge technological changes. Pragmatic Solutions business development director Mark Woollard talks about a new generation of iGaming platforms that can move at pace and keep up with these changes.

The iGaming landscape is focused on having a standout product which leads to better customer acquisition when compared to your competitors. There is no better way to stand out from the crowd than being innovative and bringing flexibility into the picture. This is why each iGaming operator should brood over the benefits of using platforms with a faster and more flexible architecture, switching from legacy platforms to a more open approach. The busy market sets harsh conditions and that pushes iGaming platform providers to change and evolve rapidly.

This is where Pragmatic Solutions steps in, pushing through all the challenges and holding fast to all current requirements, but always leaving room for new changes. Pragmatic Solutions is an iGaming platform (player account management system) for regulated markets, and it started its journey in 2013.

The platform focuses on its core product, offering a flexible API-based common wallet system that is integration focused; capable of providing dynamic segmentation; advanced business analytics, risk, fraud and product management; front end and CMS; transaction processing; and player and campaign management, among other product features that prove our success and reliability for clients. Considering its features, rapid evolution and stated values, Pragmatic Solutions can be placed in the new generation of iGaming platforms.

Flexibility is the pillar of operations
Lack of flexibility is perhaps the biggest impediment in the iGaming industry, because it brings many limitations to the table. iGaming operators need a solution that is API-based and modular, which allows for shorter integration times and better scalability.

Pragmatic Solutions is fully API-based, having over 250 APIs available. Thanks to this, the platform can proudly guarantee a fast delivery time and a high-quality output.

Obtaining certifications
Another challenging matter, in terms of evolving as an iGaming platform and expanding to new territories, resides in obtaining certifications. With compliance laws becoming tougher, service broadening is difficult. Pragmatic recently certified its platform in the UK and Sweden, two markets with tremendous potential that will open many doors. The UK and Swedish certifications are in addition to the existing ones for Malta, Curacao and GLI-19, which covers the majority of checks for territories like the US, Canada and several European countries. This demonstrates how we strive to adapt to any market conditions.

Moreover, the iGaming platform is set to expand to other markets like Denmark, Italy and Spain in the near future. These strategic steps forward, combined with Pragmatic Solutions’ modular approach, ensure a fast market entry.

Innovation and adaptation
Long-standing iGaming platforms have built a great reputation for themselves, but there is a challenge they have to tackle: adapting to change. Pragmatic Solutions has the right architecture to manage difficult migrations from legacy platforms, which can sometimes seem like a project too large to tackle. This is one of the many examples where using a modular, agile platform saves operators a lot of time (and trouble). The approach drives Pragmatic Solutions into the new markets mentioned before, not only for old operators but also new ones that strive to obtain quick, custom-tailored results.

The iGaming market relies on a wide range of player experiences, with each operator trying to give players the best experience possible. Once again, Pragmatic Solutions aligns with the requirements by offering extensive front-end features. By using the platform, operators can choose from a variety of UI templates or ask for a bespoke design. Consequently, they can enjoy custom front-end configuration and distinguish from other operators that may use ready-made templates instead. Because Pragmatic Solutions has both in-house and third-party CMS, as well as custom APIs with included content, payment and service providers, it allows operators to keep full control over all aspects of the business.

Preparing for upcoming challenges
The changes the iGaming industry faces are inevitable, and the best way to address the situation would be to learn from these changes and become proficient in predicting them, based on how technology evolves, as well as what people want. Pragmatic Solutions is prepared to adapt to future demands.

More certifications are on their way and all resources are directed towards making our core product the best. We analyse each market we plan to expand in, learning about its requirements and adapting to it. Pragmatic Solutions can meet the expectations of operators who want to expand and succeeds through high-grade products, modernisation, rapidity and scalability.