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In January we ran an interview with then 888 CEO Gigi Levy in which he complained that online gaming companies have had a blind spot to the growth of social media. Almost six months on and little has changed - apart from Levy’s employment status of course.

Damn, he got me again!

All I wanted to do was laugh at him and his ludicrous latest attempt to gain some exposure. But Calvin Ayre’s only gone and done it again. And I’ve fallen for it - hook, line and sinker. God help me, I am giving him the exposure that this latest stunt really does not deserve.

I’ve been trawling the web and my contacts book for some original thought on “Black Friday”. The web seems to be full of half-stories and ill-informed opinions. The contacts are understandably circumspect or a bit shell-shocked.

IGT is one of the giants of US gambling. Along with its closest competitors WMS, Ballys and Aristocrat, it is one of the world’s largest suppliers of slot machines and casino technology. But unlike its rivals it has always had an eye on the online market - although WMS has made moves online more recently.