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Fair play to GTECH. It finally seems to be getting its house in order. We have given the company a fair bit of stick over recent years as it has struggled to integrate all its moving parts into one unified whole. But credit where credit’s due, you cannot fault the logic behind its latest rebrand and strategy overhaul.

Playtech’s dominance of UK bookmakers’ online casino operations is starting to look ridiculous.

David Loveday’s abrupt exit stage left from the chief executive’s office at OpenBet raised a few eyebrows. Coming on the back of a strange no-show at ICE, many have been left wondering what on earth is going on at the world’s leading sportsbook provider.

Trump Plaza, 888, Caesars, GameAccount Network, Revel, William Hill, Paddy Power, PokerStars, Tropicana, Trump Taj Mahal, Ultimate Gaming, Gamesys, Atlantic Club and Betfair. Shuffle the names around, throw them in the air and hope they fall down in the right order.

It’s all happening in New Jersey right now. First Governor Christie signed off the igaming bill, then he stormed into court to take on the NFL and friends, then the American Gaming Association (AGA) opened fire on PokerStars and next (slightly more mundanely) the igaming regulations will come out. Unless another bombshell is dropped before then. You cannot take your eyes off it for a minute.

Day two of the GiGse conference was dominated by talk of scumbags and marriage.

As we move into the New Year, I thought I’d pick up a subject that I usually do my best to avoid: my old company Betfair.

You can argue whether she was right or wrong but star of day one at GiGse was undoubtedly Caesars’ Jan Jones.

The general consensus is that New Jersey should be open for internet gaming business by Mid-March. With the state’s lawmakers stating they are happy to accept all of Governor Christie’s amendments to the igaming bill, there should be very few obstacles left to clear.

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