Who is the new man in charge at Unibet? Gaming Intelligence asks CEO Henrik Tjärnström if he is the right person to succeed Petter Nylander.

Petter Nylander was a great CEO for Unibet. He took the company from nowhere to the top three in many of its strongest markets during his five years in charge. Nylander was a great cheerleader. His face was everywhere – at conferences, on magazine covers and on the television. He was not only a great advocate for Unibet but for the online gaming industry in general.

But when Nylander announced he was leaving Unibet to spend more time with his family in Stockholm, the timing was right. In promoting CFO Henrik Tjärnström to the chief executive’s office, it looks like Unibet has decided it is time to get down to the nitty gritty of running a successful company.

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