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The UK Pools operator’s CEO Ian Penrose tells Gaming Intelligence about glittering riches that are just out of reach - but maybe not for much longer

For an industry that is often perceived to be all about short term profit, it is becoming increasingly clear that the industry’s winners in the long-term will need to be patient. The rise of regulated markets can take the blame for this.

There are companies that can take a risk on grey markets. Their lawyers’ opinions might be proved right and there might be no harm done by operating in markets where the law is unclear. They might win in the short-term and in the long-term. But there are other companies that cannot or will not take that risk, preferring to remain whiter than white.

It is almost impossible to judge the long term health of these companies because they have effectively placed their future in someone else’s hands (politicians, regulators etc). For these companies the here and now is all about strategic positioning. Sportech is one of these companies.

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