The creator of Mr Green has launched a gambling site for women,, but why are there not more sites aimed at the fairer sex?

Mr Green founder Mikael Pawlo has officially launched his latest venture,, following a soft launch earlier this month. It is an online casino aimed at women. It is also a site created for mobile, or as Pawlo puts it, for fingers rather than a mouse. For now, is being kept off the Mr Green balance sheet with Pawlo as sole owner but the holding company has the option to buy the new company if and when it takes off.  

“I could have built it within the Mr Green structure,” says Pawlo, “but Mr Green is performing pretty well and we did not want to disturb the Mr Green saga. We don’t want to rock the boat.”

Indeed, Mr Green grew 60 per cent during the first nine months of 2013 and Pawlo has little doubt about Garbo’s potential. The Swedish entrepreneur is always an ebullient presence but he is particularly excited about his new baby. As he points out, the average casino player is a 43-year-old woman yet very few sites cater to women.

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