Swedish gaming operator Betsson will close down its betting shop in Stockholm tomorrow after five years in operation, with the company now fully focussing its efforts on mobile products.

Betsson's betting shop opened in May 2008 at Götgatan in Stockholm initially under the Shopsson brand.

The company said that the opening was part of its aim to offer Swedish customers “a freedom of choice within gambling”, which led to a drawn-out battle between Betsson and Sweden’s gaming regulator, Lotteriinspektionen.
Betsson claimed at the time that the shop was fully compliant with European law and argued that it was in fact the Swedish Lottery law which was non-compliant.

Within one month of the launch of the betting shop, Sweden's Lotteriinspektionen issued a fine of SEK2.5m against Betsson for promoting participation in unlicensed gambling, a crime under Article 38 of Swedish Lottery Law...

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