PokerStars has revealed plans to replace all $50/$100 No Limit Hold'em & Pot Limit Omaha ring game tables with its fast-fold variant Zoom on a trial basis.

First launched in May 2012, Zoom allows players to participate in a greater number of hands by instantly re-seating them at another table each time they fold a hand.

The company said it would trial the Zoom-only tables beginning January 1st, 2014, in order to evaluate player reception.

PokerStars ring games manager Nick Williamson explained that the company has developed the special high stakes Zoom product with an eye toward replacing all high stakes games with Zoom. He added, however, that any final decision will be based on player feedback following the trial

"Our players have told us that they want to focus on playing poker, rather than worrying about seating, lobby and software settings to get them the best seat at the table," said Williamson. "This is in an effort to allow players to concentrate on actually playing poker while encouraging a healthy, competitive, non-predatory environment in our highest stakes games."

The company added that while there are "potential issues with moving toward a Zoom-Only offering, the current state of the games at these stakes makes the risks associated with a major change more worth taking".


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