Player verification solutions provider Central Account Management Systems (CAMS) has partnered with wifi and hybrid positioning specialist Skyhook Wireless to offer enhanced wireless geolocation services to partners in the New Jersey iGaming market.

CAMS will add Skyhook’s Certified Location and Location for Web products to its suite of geolocation tools, helping New Jersey operators ensure that players are within state borders.

The Skyhook solution uses data from a range of sources to produce what it describes as a “tamper-resistant” location result, even if players are attempting to trick the system. It combines data from global positioning satellites (GPS), cell radio, wifi access points and IP addresses, helping to detect when location sources are being falsified.

The product also identifies fake GPS, recognises proxy-based IP addresses, and can detect whether a device is being controlled remotely from another device outside the state.

CAMS chief executive Matthew Katz said the Skyhook product would be “an integral part” of his company’s offering to customers active in the state’s gambling market.

“Geolocation is a primary concern in New Jersey and Skyhook's Certified Location and Location for Web enables CAMS to ensure that gamblers are in the correct jurisdiction,” he added.