An explosion at a Gibraltar power station Sunday led to widespread disruption at a number of leading online bookmakers based in the British overseas territory.

Authorities believe that the explosion was caused by a mechanical failure which ruptured a fuel line at the ageing power plant, cutting off the electricity supply across Gibraltar for more than six hours and disrupting telecommunications systems.

Gibraltar serves as home to the online gaming operations of a number of leading bookmakers, including William Hill and Ladbrokes, whose international services were disrupted as a result of the fire.

The organisations took to Twitter on Sunday to keep players up to date with developments, with William Hill initially advising customers about a "spot of trouble" at the office, before posting images of a raging fire in close proximity to their office and advising that all services were down.

The company added that it was advised by local telecoms operator Gibtel that the power plant explosion had caused a power surge which took out two of its three backups.

It is unclear at this time how much the outage cost the bookmakers, with requests for comment going unanswered at the time of publication.