Gaming datacentre operator Continent 8 Technologies has entered New Jersey’s online gaming market under a transactional waiver that enables it to offer its services to operators.

The company will offer its portfolio of hosting and managed service offerings to customers in New Jersey from its datacentre based in Atlantic City, the tenth site opened by the company.

Under the terms of its transactional waiver the company will be allowed to service multiple locations and brands from the datacentre, which will also link into different parts of the state and New York, potentially allowing companies to enter other markets when they regulate.

Continent 8 chief development officer Nick Nally explained one of the key elements of the waiver: “This allows operators and providers to serve multiple locations and brands from one independent location into the newly regulated market."

In addition to its co-location and managed services, Continent 8 will also offer direct denial of service (DDoS) prevention and cloud backup solutions.

Nally said the move into New Jersey was driven by the company’s strategy of working closely with its customers to help them comply with evolving technical, commercial and regulatory environments.

“In turn, our customers lead us to opportunities and help shape our corporate and product development,” he noted. “It is a mutually beneficial environment where ideas are exchanged and innovation occurs.”

The company’s chief executive Michael Tobin added: “This cooperation is no more evident than in New Jersey where prior to the introduction of online gaming regulations, we worked with all facets of the industry in the State to bring a neutral co-location and managed services offering to the market that benefitted all involved.

“As a result Continent 8 has established a hosting centre in one of the licensed premises in Atlantic City,” Tobin explained.

“This is one of the most significant milestones in Continent 8’s ongoing global expansion,” Tobin concluded. “In addition to our growing New Jersey customer base, we can really start marketing our offering to help make Atlantic City a technology hub for the inevitable growth of the online gaming industry in the USA.”