The announcement of Klubblo, a collaboration between Cherry, Metro and the Swedish Sports Alliance, hits the same lottery-casino convergence themes as the GTECH-IGT and SciGames-Bally mergers

It’s not often we get to celebrate a new product launch with the enthusiasm that the founders no doubt feel. There are plenty of new online casinos popping up every week but few are groundbreaking. There are even less innovations seen in the lottery sector.

However, times are changing. In the next issue of Gaming Intelligence’s sister magazine GIQ, you will read SciGames chief executive Gavin Isaacs talking about the convergence possibilities offered by his company’s acquisition of Bally Technologies. There are a few Swedish entrepreneurs with similar ideas and the launch of Klubblo is an ingenious convergence play, marrying the popularity of lottery and sports with the game mechanics of casino games. This is a new business with real potential.

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