New research released last week has found no correlation between live betting or side betting and possible instances of betting-related match fixing in football that would justify a prohibition of these types of betting.

The ASSER International Sports Law Centre conducted the first ever study that assesses the integrity risks of certain sports bets on the basis of quantitative empirical evidence.

It obtained access to key statistics from Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System (FDS). A five-year dataset of football matches worldwide, which the FDS identified as likely to have been targeted by match fixers, enabled ASSER to observe patterns and correlations with certain types of sports bets.

In addition, representative samples of football bets placed with UK-listed operator Betfair were collected and analysed.

The results challenge several claims about the alleged risks generated by certain types of sports bets, with the report aiming to inform policy makers about the cost-effectiveness of imposing limits on the regulated sports betting offering.

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