Germany’s licensing process may be grinding to a halt but T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telekom has taken matters into its own hands with the launch of its sportsbook offering. Tipp3 managing director Jochen Weiner discusses the launch.

Germany's revised State Treaty on Gambling came into law in 2012, a move that was intended to usher in a new era of legal sports betting in the country.

While the stringent regulatory conditions and decision to limit licences to twenty sports betting operators angered many in the industry, few doubted that the regulation of the German sports betting market represented progress.

But the rate of progress has been glacial, with the State Treaty now seemingly in its death throes following the Administrative Court of Wiesbaden’s damning verdict on the licensing process. Another decision taken in 2012, however, has proven to be much more significant.

In May that year, Deutsche Telekom took the decision to amend its corporate statutes to allow it to enter the sports betting market. This saw the company partner with Österreichische Sportwetten (ÖSW), through the Deutsche Sportwetten (DSW) joint venture in which it holds a 64 per cent stake, launching its brand in the market last month.

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