BetConstruct has doubled the size of its client base in a year and is opening its first office in Asia. Chief executive Vahe Baloulian explains how it is growing at such a remarkable rate.

At the beginning of 2015, BetConstruct had 70 partners. It now has 140. Its Hong Kong office is set to open in January. Its 10 offices give it coverage in every continent bar Australia and it will soon house more than 1,000 employees.

BetConstruct has crept up on the competition, building a global business from its roots in Armenia, a small former Soviet republic of just 3m people nestled in the mountainous Caucasus region.

If its Eastern European roots go some way towards explaining its under-the-radar rise, its status as a non-reporting private company is another. However, it is the story of the birth of the company that best explains the company’s business strategy, its attitude towards its partners and ultimately, its success thus far.

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