Satellite Information Services (SIS) has signed a long-term contract with Inspired that will see the sports broadcaster distribute the supplier’s full suite of virtual games through its streaming solution.

The deal is described as harnessing the advanced capabilities of SIS Stream, which has been optimised for delivering betting content, and allows clients to integrate Inspired’s virtual portfolio easily.

The service will be known as Virtuals Connect and can be supplied to operators and platform providers globally. It is a fully managed solution, removing the need for any initial capital outlay for each customer, making it available for companies of any size without bespoke hardware or streaming capabilities.

It can then be personalised with each customers able to create a branded video player that can be integrated anywhere on their website.

All Inspired virtual content will be available, including its high-definition Rush Football 2, with the games continually refreshed and enhanced to offer all Virtuals Connect customers the best possible product available.

“We are delighted to partner with Inspired to harness the power of SIS Stream to deliver best-in-class virtual sports products to operators of all shapes and sizes,” SIS director of strategic development Paul Baker commented.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do, be it with retail or online solutions, and our agreement with Inspired marks another critical milestone in our development.”

Inspired chief commercial officer for digital games Steve Rogers added that his company was constantly looking for ways to diversify and grow its business, and that he was delighted to partner SIS to launch the new service.

“[The] availability of Virtuals Connect across multiple digital channels, enabled by the power of SIS Stream, allows us to bring more of our market-leading content to yet more operators globally.”


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