Amaya’s planned migration of Full Tilt players to the PokerStars platform, combining the liquidity of the two player bases, has been scheduled to take place on May 17th.

The two player pools will be combined to form “one market-leading poker experience,” Amaya said, with Full Tilt players to be informed via email in the coming days about how this will impact them specifically.

The effect on players will be determined by a variety of factors, such as the jurisdiction in which they live and the status of their PokerStars account, if they already hold one.

Amaya announced the planned migration in February, explaining that by streamlining operations in this way it would be able to offer improved gameplay as well as cutting development requirements to roll out platform enhancements to its entire player base.

The move will prompt a number of redundancies at Full Tilt’s Dublin office, with the exact number of layoffs yet to be determined.

The operator said that Full Tilt players that already hold a PokerStars account will not need to update any information or transfer their account assets such as loyalty points or cash balances, which will be automatically moved over.

These players will be able to log straight into PokerStars, accessing a wider range of game variants and tournaments.


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