Intralot chief executive Antonios Kerastaris is trying to reinvent the Greek company. Gaming Intelligence asks Kerastaris and products chief Nick Papadoglou to explain how they will make it happen.

Intralot has always been the lottery supplier that focused on the lotteries. Its customers were World Lottery Association members. While its biggest competitors, such as Scientific Games and GTECH (now IGT), diversified and targeted privately owned betting and gaming operators, Intralot stuck to what it knew best. Not any more.

Former CFO Antonios Kerastaris was promoted from chief financial officer to the chief executive’s office in February 2014. Some might say that his strategy has dragged Intralot into the 21st century. It is increasingly rare to find an operator without some form of B2B arm, and it is increasingly rare to find a supplier with no form of operations.

Intralot has run B2C businesses in a diverse range of jurisdictions (Azerbaijan, Italy, Malta, Morocco and Peru) for many years. Increasing the number of countries it operates in is strand one of the Kerastaris strategy. Strand two is more revolutionary for the company. Kerastaris is looking to reinvent Intralot as a supplier to the market.

For the first time, Intralot has a separate sales force that is targeting B2B and the dot. com world. And it believes it finally has the product that will allow it to do so.

“We feel the product we now have is appropriate for all operators,” says Kerastaris. “Our online lottery games, our fast kenos, our eScratches are all for sale to non-traditional Intralot customers.”

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