KamaGames' Pokerist Texas Poker has been a consistent performer in the social casino market but the studio has long believed it can do better. With a new London office set up and PokerStars’ former head of mobile joining the team, the company believes it can grow into a business capable of disrupting the sector’s top tier.

These days there isn’t so much of a social poker industry, rather a sector entirely dominated by Zynga Poker, with a few others following in its wake. 

Smaller developers have popped up, made some noise and then quietened down, only re-emerging as either the latest company to be acquired by one of the larger players or simply closing down.

This is what makes KamaGames rather unique. Yes, it has expanded into other verticals, signing an intriguing brand partnership with Manchester United and launching a 3D blackjack game, but it has faith that its core Pokerist product can eventually challenge Zynga at the pinnacle of the sector.

The game has proved to have excellent longevity. It has been ranked among the Apple App Store’s 100 highest-grossing apps since 2011, in 89 countries, and in the top 5 highest-grossing apps on Google Play in 24 countries. Since 2010, 2.8 trillion hands of poker have been played, with 70,000 trillion chips won over that period.

Pokerist also has remarkable reach – as well as being live on iOS, Android and Facebook, it is also available via Russian social networks VK and Odnoklassniki, and the Korean platform Bada.

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