US casino operator MGM Resorts will install Cardless Connect from International Game Technology (IGT) to enable loyalty card transactions through mobile devices.

Cardless Connect is an integrated technology that can be embedded into a casino mobile app to enable players to use their smart phones for loyalty transactions instead of a casino loyalty card.

The initial deployment is targeted for MGM Grand Detroit during the final quarter of this year.

Instead of inserting their M life loyalty card into a reader, players simply tap their smart phones on the electronic gaming machine to begin play, with uses including cashless gaming and transfers between a player's digital wallet and electronic gaming machines.

"IGT Cardless Connect technology provides a breakthrough in our ability to connect with our guests,” said MGM Resorts CEO Lili Tomovich. “By enabling our carded players to use a smart phone to connect to a game, we're enhancing entertainment and convenience while ensuring that players don't have to carry or use a loyalty card to benefit from all that M life has to offer.

"We look forward to the test rollout of Cardless Connect technology at MGM Grand Detroit this year."

Sina Miri, IGT vice president of casino systems, added: "IGT and MGM Resorts are at the forefront of casino innovation with the implementation of Cardless Connect technology.

"By offering players the simplicity of tapping a phone on a slot machine to begin play or transfer funds, Cardless Connect technology elevates casino applications to a new level of ecommerce potential, convenience and functionality that is consistent with mobile applications from some of today's strongest consumer brands."


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