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An unwavering 20-year focus on delivering the best possible casino games experience to players has cemented NetEnt as a must-have supplier for iGaming operators worldwide, but as chief executive Per Eriksson explains, the company is just getting started.

Founded in 1996 by Pontus Lindwall, NetEnt can count itself as one of the pioneers of the iGaming industry. It launched its first online casino in 2002 and today supplies more than 130 clients with a vast portfolio of games in 25 different languages.

Last year it handled 27.73bn gaming transactions, equalling over 50,000 transactions per minute, 16 times the volume handled by the New York Stock Exchange.

It has been some journey but the company continues to innovate and showcase some of the most impressive games in the industry. And as it celebrates its 20th year in operation, NetEnt shows no sign of slowing down, focussing instead on the opportunities for the next decade in new markets and new technologies.

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