Portuguese land-based casino operator Estoril Sol Casino has expanded its iGaming offering with the launch of a new sportsbook product.

Belgian supplier GAMING1 is powering the betting platform which is now live for players under EscOnline.pt, the newly rebranded iGaming offering which was previously launched as EstorilSolCasinos.pt through a joint venture between Estoril Sol and GAMING1.

"Since moving online, we've enjoyed great success and the next logical step for us was to bolster our offering with sports betting," Estoril Sol Digital chief executive Rui Magalhães explained.

"By combining our knowledge of the Portuguese market, along with GAMING1's state-of-the-art technology and online sportsbook expertise, we were more than confident to offer sports betting to our players."

The partners established their 50-50 joint venture in July 2016 to roll out the EstorilSolCasinos.pt site - the first to go live in the newly-regulated market - featuring a range of slots and table games for mobile and desktop devices.

The site has now been rebranded as EscOnline.pt to reflect the expanded range of gaming verticals it covers.

"Following the success of launching Portugal's first ever online licenced casino last year, we're thrilled to have boosted Estoril Sol's online offering with the addition of sports betting for the first time," GAMING1 chief executive Sylvain Boniver said.

"The launch of our sportsbook underlines the position of GAMING1 as an all-round partner and not just a provider. Our joint venture provides a win-win situation for both parties as we share the investment, risks, and profits, as well as bringing the two companies closer together to achieve the same goal."

GAMING1 has rolled out its Opti-odds product exclusively on EscOnline.pt, offering a point of differentiation from other licensed gaming brands. This boosts the odds of any multi-bet slips, ensuring players are offered the best possible odds.

This is designed to help mitigate the effects of high taxation in Portugal, where operators are taxed on between 8 and 16 per cent of sportsbook turnover. This high rate of tax forces other companies to offer lower odds to customers, Estoril notes.

"Our innovative Opti-odds feature will provide Esconline.pt with a competitive edge, offering the best odds in the Portuguese market," Boniver added.


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