SBTech has found a novel way of expanding in the fiercely competitive sports betting supply market. Richard Carter walks Gaming Intelligence through his masterplan.  

In the past two years the B2B sports betting market has become fiercely competitive. Market-leader OpenBet now finds itself fighting with a number of young pretenders to the throne. It has to do battle with the likes of SBTech, Amelco and FSB as well as Kambi, spun off from Kindred Group, and Playtech BGT Sports, the solutions giant's latest attempt to push its way into the vertical.

Throw into this increased competition from outsourced trading specialists such as Betgenius and Sportradar, and the vertical is becoming a fascinating battleground.

Recent client wins by the emerging suppliers, coupled with OpenBet's renewals with a number of major long-term customers, show that each solution appeals to industry clients.

But few would deny that SBTech is now punching above its weight, and it seems to have taken an unique approach to secure a number of recent client wins. 

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