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SG Digital chief executive Matt Davey says integrating NYX with Scientific Games has been swift and he has the combined entity’s first deal as proof.

Scientific Games (SG) is the largest gambling technology supplier in the world not called IGT. The addition of 1,200 people from NYX Gaming Group brought it close to 10,000 employees across the world. If the wisdom of the acquisition was questioned by anyone, the work of 100 of those employees should put paid to any such doubts.

The SG-NYX deal was announced in mid-September 2017 and closed in January this year. From that point, it took just five months for teams from SG Digital and SG Lottery to implement and launch the Pennsylvania Lottery’s new iLottery site.

Phase one of the project was installing a digital player account system and platform. That required teams from SG Digital to link its platform with the land-based system of the SG Lottery team. It also required a migration of thousands of players’ data into the new digital platform, to provide a consistent experience across land and digital platforms.

Teams in the UK and Sweden created a portal for the Lottery to register players online and give the players easy access to online games. The next stage was integrating the games.

“We wanted to present that content in a really easy to consume way either on mobile or the web,” says Davey.

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