NeoGames is best known for its iLottery solutions but it is a cornerstone of William Hill’s stateside manoeuvres and is well placed to become a key supplier for lotteries, casinos and sportsbooks in the US and beyond. New CEO Moti Malul reveals all.

Since the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), we have published a series of features looking at some of the smaller companies that might benefit. Few are as well placed or as well established as NeoGames. NeoGames is no longer such a small company. It has grown employee numbers by 85 per cent during the past three years to around 250 staff and revenue has shot up 397 per cent.

Moti Malul was promoted to the chief executive’s office in October after 10 years in charge of sales and business development. He calls in from the World Lottery Summit in Buenos Aires, his second conference as CEO following the company’s debut G2E appearance in Las Vegas. The two conferences give a good indication of the two worlds that NeoGames is straddling.

The company’s NeoPollard joint venture with Pollard Banknote has made it one of North America’s leading iLottery suppliers through deals with Michigan, New Hampshire, and Virginia. Indeed, Malul argues it is the number one iLottery supplier in North America based on number of player accounts and the iLottery revenue of its clients.

In addition to this, recent statements from William Hill chief executive officer Philip Bowcock have begun to make it clear how NeoGames will also have an influence on the nascent US sports betting market.

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