Australian gaming giant Tabcorp is supporting a new online raffle to raise funds for charities and grassroots sport across Australia.

Tabcorp’s Charitable Games division has partnered with the Australian government’s lead sport agency Sport Australia, the Australian Sports Foundation and the 50-50 Foundation, to provide a fundraising platform for grassroots sporting clubs in Australia (excluding Western Australia and Northern Territory).

Play For Purpose is an online raffle which is free for charities and clubs, with AUD$500,000 worth of prizes and a guaranteed minimum of at least 50 per cent of every ticket sold supporting their causes.

“This is a win-win experience for our partners and their supporters,” said Tabcorp Charitable Games general manager John Corry. “Supporters can simply go to, find the club or sports organisation they wish to support, buy a ticket and go into the draw to win over 7,500 prizes.”

Play For Purpose is operated by the 50-50 Foundation and supported by Tabcorp’s Charitable Games division. The first raffle closes on February 27th and will be drawn the following day. Play For Purpose aims to conduct six raffles during 2019.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to raise more money to help sports clubs improve health and community outcomes,” said Australian Sports Foundation CEO Patrick Walker. “Play For Purpose supplements the established fundraising programs we have in place, and is a great solution for clubs wishing to run raffles to boost funding so that more members of their communities can improve their physical and mental health through sport.

“There’s no cost to participate and a minimum of $5 from every $10 ticket will be granted to our clubs for charitable sporting projects, distributed via the Australian Sports Foundation. We see this as a great example of how business, charities and government can collaborate to deliver positive health and community outcomes.

Sport Australia chief executive Kate Palmer said that Play For Purpose represents a great tool to help Sport Australia achieve its objective of having more Australians participating in sport, from grassroots to elite competition, by raising money for clubs to help grow active participation.

“Sport Australia is proud to have played a critical role in bringing this concept to life for community sports clubs, giving them an avenue to drive their own fundraising,” said Palmer. “All Australians deserve the opportunity to participate in sport but grassroots clubs need money to remain accessible. Play For Purpose is an effective fundraising tool that we encourage clubs to utilise."

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