Sports data provider Sportradar has formed a new joint venture with DOJO Madness to leverage eSports data products.

Bayes Esports Solutions has been spun out of Sportradar’s existing partnership with DOJO Madness, which has seen the supplier provide live-odds across a whole range of online and offline eSports competitions in recent years.

The new JV aims to leverage eSports data products for business customers, including betting companies, eSports broadcasters and general media. This includes betting probabilities for operators and statistical tools and widgets for broadcasters to better explain what is happening in individual matches.

Dojo Madness chief technology officer Martin Dachselt will take charge of the JV as managing director.

“With Bayes Esports Solution, we are now fully able to utilise our technology and eSports experience to build innovative next level products for business needs in media, eSports broadcast and betting,” said Dachselt.

“The successful cooperation we had with Sportradar in the past is now giving birth to a full joint venture between both companies merging the best experiences of both parties in a fully independent business entity: Deep eSports domain experience from DOJO paired with Sportradar’s global experience and relationships in the sports betting industry including integrity services and quality assurance.”

Sportradar managing director of betting and gaming Warren Murphy commented: “The Bayes Esports Solutions joint venture is a game changer for Sportradar in an exciting and growing part of the sports economy that undoubtedly presents massive opportunities.

“In bringing together Sportradar and DOJO Madness, we bring to bear the expertise of industry leaders like Jens [Hilgers] and Martin [Dachsel] and their DOJO Madness team with our industry leading sports data business.

“Sportradar already has a firmly established pedigree in the sports betting and media space globally, supporting many hundreds of businesses around the world. Bayes Esports Solutions will give us equity in a rapidly growing market and the dedicated resource and expertise to design and develop market leading products and services for the eSports market," said Murphy.


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