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Chief executive officer Barry Cottle explains how he aims to bring the good times back to Scientific Games.

Scientific Games has churned through three chief executives since long-serving Lorne Weil departed at the end of 2013. In turning to Barry Cottle, SciGames majority shareholder Ron Perelman has signaled a change of focus for the industry’s most acquisitive company.

As it rattled through the acquisitions of WMS, Bally (which was in the midst of digesting Shuffle Master) and NYX Gaming, plus smaller companies DEQ, Spicerack, Lapis and Red7Media, it has needed an executive team devoted to acquisition and integration.

Cottle’s elevation to the chief executive’s office suggests the heavy lifting of M&A, integration and debt management is done. Following the acquisition and integration of NYX, now is the time to focus on making stuff.

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