London-based gaming operator Ascensus Interactive has launched its flagship poker brand on the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN).

Players Come First (PCF) Poker on the MPN will complement Ascensus’ existing online casino brands and

“We welcome Ascensus Interactive to the ever-growing MPN family and are thrilled to be their poker provider of choice,” said Microgaming managing director of poker Alex Scott. “I am impressed by the team’s collective experience and talent, along with their dedication to responsible gambling and corporate social responsibility, which fits in perfectly with our ethos at Microgaming.”

Ascensus co-founder and CEO Eugene Castro commented: “When we initially decided to build our own gaming platform, we intended to make poker the cornerstone of our offerings.

“We had planned early on to get on board with the MPN because of their innovative software, industry-leading management tools and outstanding passion for poker.”

Hilly Ehrlich, Ascensus co-counder, added: “Having been associated with many poker networks, I am confident the MPN has the right formula and people, not to mention terrific software. I have no doubt our platform will benefit immensely from our association with Microgaming.”