Belgian basketball fans are set for an enhanced viewing experience in the upcoming season following a deal between the EuroMillions Basketball League (EMBL), sports data provider Sportradar and PlaySight.

The agreement will see PlaySight produce match coverage for distribution via Sportradar’s OTT platform to help drive fan engagement and maximise betting opportunities, with the coverage strengthened by the addition of live graphics in all EMBL games.

PlaySight uses artificial intelligence and connected camera technology across the league’s arenas to capture all of the action for fans and to provide real-time video for use by match officials and coaches.

“We believe that this will be a blueprint for other professional leagues across the world,” said Wim Van de Keere, general manager of EMBL. “We can’t wait to get started on this new collaboration for next season and have carefully selected best-in-class partners with the capabilities offered by Sportradar, PlaySight and LIGR.

“Beyond the enhanced viewing experience, we look forward to adding real-time video for coaching and instant replay purposes for our referees to further enhance the quality of our basketball. It will open up additional opportunities for the clubs and the league.”

Sportradar’s OTT platform streams over 50,000 live sports events globally, delivering more than 50 million video sessions each month to over 100 partners across the world.

“PlaySight’s live and on-demand video capabilities will integrate seamlessly with the Sportradar OTT platform, improving operational efficiency while ensuring fans enjoy the best possible experience when watching the EuroMillions Basketball League live or on demand,” said Felix Blank, director of digital platforms at Sportradar.

“Sport is all about the relationships fostered with fans and we can’t wait to help that process for the EMBL by combining top-quality video production with innovative data products to ensure a best-in-class OTT offering for the league and its followers.”

The 2019-20 EMBL season gets underway on September 14th.