Sports betting pools operator and B2B provider Colossus Bets has agreed a deal to deliver SIS’s British greyhound racing jackpots to US advance deposit wagering operator AmWager.

AmWager already offers players SIS World Greyhound Tote Pool bets and will become the first US operator to benefit from the new Colossus Bets-powered jackpots, including minimum prize guarantees and Cash Out and Syndicates features.

“We are delighted that through our partnership with Colossus Bets, AmWager has become the first US operator to incorporate Colossus’ innovative jackpots into SIS’s World Greyhound Tote Pool, so that its customers can benefit from this exciting new product,” said SIS product director Paul Witten.

The SIS World Greyhound Tote Pool channel features live streams and data from up to 30,000 greyhound races each year and is delivered via SIS’s live pictures streaming service SIS Stream.

“We are excited to have secured the first US customer to take the most advanced tote jackpot portfolio from Colossus to complement SIS’s top-quality British greyhound racing content,” said Colossus Bets CEO Bernard Marantelli.

Nelson Clemmens, CEO of AmWager owner AmWest Entertainment, added: “Securing Colossus’ innovative jackpots is a great addition to the SIS World Greyhound Tote Pool.

“We are confident that they will really enhance SIS’s top quality British and Irish greyhound racing for our customers and will prove to be a real revenue driver for our business.”