The Canadian gaming industry remains one of the largest entertainment industries in Canada despite only modest growth over the past five years, according to the most recent economic impact study released by the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA).

HLT Advisory Inc. was retained by the CGA to update an assessment of the economic contribution of the gaming industry to the Canadian economy in 2010. An original assessment was completed in 2008 based on the state of the industry in 2006.

The CGA’s primary objective for commissioning the update was the same as the 2006 Assessment - to determine in a recognised and established manner the contributions that gaming makes in the Canadian economy.

According to the report, the gaming industry continues to be one of the largest entertainment industries in Canada, generating higher revenues than television and movie rentals ($10.3bn), and the combined revenues generated by magazine and book sales, drinking places, spectator sports, movie theatres and performing arts ($11.1bn).

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