Germany’s Lotto and Toto Block (DLTB) has repeated its call for the country’s twenty sports betting licences to be issued and stricter controls put in place to combat unlicensed operators, as it reported a minor increase in revenue for 2014.

Full year sales climbed 1.6 per cent year-on-year to €6.97bn, but according to the current heads of the DLTB, managing directors Michael Burkert and Peter Jacoby, stricter controls are needed to stamp out illegal gambling in Germany and protect the “legitimate and moderate gambling offer of the DLTB”.

“In this context it is positive to see the adoption of new gambling legislation and the action of authorities against illegal gambling activities such as online casino games, betting on the German LOTTO or in-play bets on sporting events,” they said. “The DLTB reiterates its support for the blocking of payments in order to eliminate cash flow to illegal providers.

“If it is possible in European countries such as Belgium, Norway and Spain, it should be implemented in Germany.”

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