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While the world’s financial markets experienced the worst three month period in four years, the companies making up the Gaming Intelligence stock list generally performed well during the third quarter with their combined share price increasing by 16 per cent during the period.

There were significant declines in financial markets worldwide during Q3, with China's Shanghai Composite losing almost a quarter of its value, Japan's Nikkei down 14 per cent, and the German Dax dropping by nearly 12 per cent.

London's FTSE lost seven per cent, while the US Dow Jones Industrials fell by 8 per cent. It was the worst quarterly performance for global stocks since the 2011 Eurozone crisis.

The GI list, made up of 68 companies involved in the gaming sector, was mostly unaffected by these issues with the combined share price increasing by 16 per cent between July 1st and September 30th.

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