Social casino studio FlowPlay has launched BetZone, a new sports betting game that allows users to bet on American football and baseball via the Vegas World app.

FlowPlay describes BetZone as the first social casino offering to incorporate multiplayer sports betting functionality, allowing users to place virtual currency bets on NFL and MLB games.

This will be expanded to include further markets such as political betting and lifestyle betting on reality TV shows and pop culture events in the coming weeks, as well as other casual fantasy sports games.

During its first weekend in beta launch, the app saw 35,000 bets placed and 20bn virtual coins wagered.

FlowPlay chief executive Derrick Morton said that incorporating sports betting into Vegas World was a natural progression for the company.

“FlowPlay brings a multiplayer environment and games mentality to this genre, and no one has ever approach it in this way,” Morton said. “Betting virtual currency is just the first sports play for us, and we're eager to bring more casual fantasy sports-related games unlike anything the industry has ever experienced.”

BetZone has been developed to combine betting with social features, allowing players to see what bets others are placing and to stake up to 10 per cent of their own funds on the same event, encouraging conversation and interaction between users.