USA Today’s entry into the social casino market has opened the eyes of media companies that have been reluctant to engage with the sector despite its huge audiences. We look at how operators and media companies alike can benefit from entering the free-to-play market

While there have been numerous examples of media companies looking to tap into the real-money gambling sector by partnering with operators, examples of such companies pairing off with social casino operators are less prevalent. Considering that the likes of News Corp and Yahoo dominated the casual gaming market before the advent of Facebook, this is surprising.

Yet despite media businesses seeing advertising revenue decline and the likes of Facebook and Twitter exploring new ways to better spread news and information, it is only USA Today that has put its head above the parapet, partnering with OpenWager to launch a free-to-play bingo product.

With the largest circulation in the US and an audience of 120m, USA Today has a huge untapped audience, so there is clear potential, but it remains the first instance of a major media brand making a foray into social casino in the DoubleDown age.

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