Leading German bookmaker Tipico has launched Stake It, its second betting app developed in partnership with Berlin-based sports betting start-up Couchsport.

Stake It has been developed to offer a simple and intuitive user interface where users select a stake, winning amount and number of games on which to bet via a spinning reel.

The app then provides the best betting combinations and bet types for the player to select which teams to bet on.

Stake it is now live on the Apple App Store in Germany, becoming the second app to be released since the Couchsport established its partnership with Tipico.

The first, Tippn, launched in May 2015 and is targeted at novice and casual bettors, offering as simple a user experience as possible.

In Tippn players swipe their fingers across the screen to place small stakes bets, similar to popular dating app Tinder.

The app shot into the top 10 of the App Store rankings shortly after launch, often rising to the top of the most popular sports apps rankings around major football matches.