London-listed operator Paddy Power Betfair has launched Cash Out Roulette, a new variant of the popular table game developed by Be The House.

The new product is described as "the most ground-breaking development in roulette's 300-year history," by Be The House co-founder and chief executive Seth Freedman.

Cash Out Roulette allows players to bet on consecutive spins of a roulette wheel and wager on a range of possible outcomes, such as the ball landing on a number 16 within ten spins, or on seven black numbers in ten spins.

The new bet types are designed to attract new players by offering higher payouts and the possibility to cash out during a multi-spin bet, keeping players engaged during a game.

Be The House was founded in 2014 by Freedman and Andrew Woolfson, and has applied for a patent for its casino games mechanics.

Freedman, who does not have a gambling background, devised the concept for Cash Out Roulette when researching the gambling industry for a book.

"I don't come from a gaming background, but when I was researching the industry for my latest book it didn't make sense that roulette is essentially over after each spin," he explained.

"The beauty of Cash Out Roulette is that it doesn't cannibalise those players who love traditional roulette, it simply offers an exciting new alternative."

"We're delighted to have Betfair on board and the reaction from those that have seen it within the industry has been amazing," Freedman added. "We're confident that we have created something that will change the way roulette is played forever."