KamaGames has launched a new feature to its flagship app Pokerist, with the Party mode giving users the chance to play using a range of special game mechanics each week.

Each mode is only made available for a limited time each week, averaging 48 hours, with the unique in-game features designed to ramp up entertainment for users.

Two new modes, Hearts Party and Pair Party, are due to launch before the end of the year. Users follow the standard Texas Hold’Em poker rules in Hearts Party, but all Club and Diamond suits are removed from the deck and replaced with more Hearts and Spades. More details on Pair Party will be released as its launch nears.

A range of other Party modes were rolled out earlier in the year, including 10 to Ace Party, Joker Party and 3 Card Party. Each offers minor variations on the standard poker format, with the developer noting that these have boosted customer retention and player engagement.

When each mode is available, KamaGames said, the number of players active online increased by 10-15 per cent on average.

"The success of these new modes is a great example of the innovation KamaGames is rapidly becoming known for," the studio’s chief marketing and commercial officer Danny Kashti explained.

"We believe that by enhancing the core game play, as well as adding various elements to the metagame layer, it makes our game more accessible for mainstream players and first time poker players. We constantly look for ways to enhance the player experience while improving our user-base and retention."