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Relax gaming: Game Engine Developer – Malta / Tallinn

11th May 2020 9:58 am GMT
Relax Gaming

Our Casino team is looking for a Mid to Senior analytical driven person to join Relax Gaming as a Game Engine Developer.  You will be responsible to develop high-end game engines for both internal and external studios. The role is based in Tallinn or Malta.

Job Summary:

You will be responsible for ensuring the engine running our next generation of casino games is purring along nicely. The “guts” or core of each casino game will be yours to create, own and maintain. Casino engines deal with real money transactions, so safety, clarity and defensive coding is a must. As a developer, you believe strongly in clear, concise and maintainable code. You are determined to ensure that what you write will work – and work well – in known and unknown scenarios.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Programming casino game logic (game engines) based on mathematical specifications & game design documents
  • Working alongside mathematicians when coding and iterating on casino game mechanics
  • Reviewing and refactoring codes from other Game Engine Developers
  • Ensuring game engines are stable, safe and fully tested


  • Strong knowledge of Java 11, however knowledge of C# and C++ is also considered
  • At least 4+ years of experience developing in Java
  • Strong understanding of a clean and testable code
  • Good understanding of the HTTP protocol (RESTful interfaces)
  • Good understanding of SQL
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal

Bonus points for being:

  • Familiar with slot machines
  • Knowledgeable and intuitive understanding of probabilistic mathematics
  • Able to build casino game engines (for real money or for fun)

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