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President & CEO – Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada)

25th September 2019 9:33 am GMT
Position: President & CEO Location: Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada)The President & CEO is appointed by, reports to and is accountable to, the Board of Directors of ALC. The President & CEO provides overall leadership in developing the Corporation’s vision, values and strategic direction, in concert with the Board. They direct the business and operations, ensuring that strategic and operational plans are effectively developed and implemented; results are attained and reported to the Board. The President & CEO also continuously improves the organization’s ability to function and perform effectively and efficiently. They will provide the leadership required to effectively position and manage ALC’s relationships and values with employees, businesses, governments, players and the public.Key Position ResponsibilitiesStrategic Direction
  • Lead and manage the Corporation as the President & CEO within parameters established by the Board.
  • Develop and recommend to the Board strategic direction and plans, including measurable goals and objectives, that ensure the Corporation’s profitable, responsible growth and overall success.
  • Develop and oversee management of strategic business initiatives, as well as project and capital plans. Review and regularly report to the Board on the overall progress and results against the strategic plan and the operating and financial objectives of strategic business initiatives.
  • Build and manage productive working relations with the Board, ensuring that there is a mutually empowering atmosphere for high performance at ALC.
  • Build an approved shareholder relationship strategy and evaluation with the Board, which would include all accountability links.
  • Manage and achieve targeted corporate performance and results; report operational results (highlighting any major deviations with strategic or business plans and policies), challenges and industry trends to the Board in a regular and timely manner.
Managing Operations
  • Develop the business plan, including the annual plan, revenue forecasts, expenditures, operational results and financial performance results and report these to the Board or its committees.
  • Oversee the development and management of high levels of products, services and support to retailers and players of ALC.
  • Authorize commitment of corporate resources. Enter into agreements, contracts, leases, etc., in order to pursue the strategies, business plans and objectives of the Corporation in the normal course of business and within policies.
  • Authorize the commitment of funds to capital projects included in plans and budgets.
  • Demonstrate awareness of evolving technology risks and mitigate accordingly in order to proactively manage the integrity of ALC’s IT systems. Ensure all operations and activities of the Corporation are conducted in accordance with laws, regulations, the Corporation’s Code of Conduct, sound business practice and in accordance with the plans, policies and practices.
  • Establish effective control and co-ordination mechanisms for all operations and activities. Ensure the integrity of the internal control and management systems.
  • Identify and manage the exposure and all risks associated with managing the business; review the risks and the systems in place to mitigate them with the Board at least annually.
External Representation and Relationship Management
  • Work with the Board to manage the relationship strategy between the Corporation and its shareholders.
  • Actively lead and keep the Board apprised of the corporate communications and public affairs to ensure that results are achieved in “external” relations strategic goals and programs as per the strategic plan.
  • Demonstrate very high standards for relationship management with customers, directors, shareholders, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Act as the primary public spokesperson for the Corporation and, in conjunction with the Chair as representative of the Board, in situations where a Board spokesperson is required and as directed by the Board.
  • Maintain ALC’s reputation as a responsible, trustworthy and forward-looking corporation.
  • Effectively participate in external activities, including volunteer and public service commitments. 
Corporate, Organizational and People Development
  • Continuously improve ALC’s efficiency and effectiveness to increase the Corporation’s profitability and maximize returns to its shareholders.
  • Ensure the Corporation’s assets are adequately safeguarded and optimized in the best interests of the shareholders.
  • Foster a high-performance corporate culture that promotes ethical practices, encourages individual integrity/accountability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Foster a work environment where staff feel valued and supported.
  • Provide leadership for the Corporation’s human resources policy framework, including the management of the total compensation plans.
  • Oversee and approve significant public service commitments and/or acceptance of outside Board appointments by senior executive.
  • Effectively manage the evolution of an effective organizational structure with clear delineation of position responsibilities and authorities; mentor, develop, coach and manage staff to generate results and effective succession; share with the Board annually the succession plan for the President & CEO, senior executive and key critical positions.
  • Provide opportunities for exposure of the Corporation’s leadership talent to the Board and vice versa.
  • Ensure that ALC’s technology environment and systems are competitive with industry standards.
Ideal Candidate ProfileThe next CEO of ALC will ideally have the following experience, characteristics, or aptitudes:
  • Executive Leadership: A natural leader with demonstrated experience directing and leading staff in a highly diversified and complex commercial work environment. A style that is collaborative, communicative, supportive, and engaging is essential.
  • Change Management: Significant experience leading change that transforms organizations. They should have a record of success as a change agent for operational and business processes, as well as organizational culture. The successful candidate must have experience in an environment rich in complexity and one that has undergone significant organizational and market disruption, especially those requiring digital innovation.
  • Political Savvy: Ability to manoeuvre through complex political situations effectively and with the appropriate amount of assertion. They are sensitive to how people, organizations, and governments function and can anticipate where the challenges might arise and plan their approach accordingly.
  • Effective balance as a strategic thinker and pragmatic operator: The ideal candidate will be seasoned at identifying long-term goals and be attuned to future market trends and opportunities that may present to ALC. They are experienced at leading a team in the context of a multifaceted leadership group.
  • Advanced interpersonal and communication skills: The successful candidate will be highly skilled at working effectively with a variety of stakeholder groups and teams. They should be an effective executive team player and advisor who is a powerful spokesperson for ALC. They inspire confidence in times of crisis, and who voices reason with sensitive issues.
About Atlantic Lottery Corporation  ALC was founded in 1976 and is jointly owned by the four Atlantic provincial governments: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Headquartered in Moncton, NB, ALC has been consistently delivering lottery excellence to Atlantic Canadians for over 40 years. Their mandate is to provide government regulated and responsible products for those who choose to game and, through that effort, deliver 100% of lottery profits to their four provincial shareholders in Atlantic Canada. Returning 100% of the profit to the communities of Atlantic Canada is a big part of how ALC gives back. In 2017-2018, ALC exceeded their profit target and returned $419.2 million to the provincial governments in Atlantic Canada. Their profits have continued to rise since it reported $363 million back in 2013. ALC strives to help create business income for thousands of retailers and suppliers along the east coast. Employing more than 600 people across Canada, their employees are active volunteers in their communities who believe in leadership in the community and in business. Under Brent Scrimshaw’s leadership, ALC has remained active on the innovation and disruption front as a means of continual renewal. They have made a sizable investment in technology when they launched a new lottery gaming system, which is now the backbone of ALC’s successful retail and ever evolving online sales platform. Crucial to their role as an industry leader, and to ensure sustainable growth and continued success, ALC is committed to enhancing the way they attract and entertain players today and in the future. As part of an overall business growth strategy and enabled through a focus on modern player-centric experiences across existing and new products and platforms, ALC has committed to expanding and diversifying their player base to remain competitive in the gaming and entertainment market. For more information, please visit - https://spark.adobe.com/page/cQJBCuGtVqssZ/  or contact: cmorrison@boyden.com 
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