The El Salvadoran Football Federation (FESFUT) has issued life bans to 14 players following the completion of the first phase of its investigation into match-fixing involving the country’s national football team.

The 14 players have been banned for match-fixing in four games involving the national team against DC United (friendly in 2010), United States (friendly in 2010), Mexico (Gold Cup 2011) and Paraguay (friendly in 2013).

Two further players have been banned from all football activities for 6 months, while another player has been banned for 18 months. Seven other players remain provisionally suspended. One player had his suspension revoked.

FESFUT said in a statement that its investigation into match-fixing continues however, stating that there was “sufficient reason” to consider that another friendly match against Venezuela (played on May 22nd of this year) may also have been manipulated.

“To fail to uphold this entrusted loyalty and dishonor the jersey of the country in this way, signifies nothing less than failure to comply with the representation bestowed,” said Carlos Alfredo Mendez, president of FESFUT. “For that reason, having carried out this investigation, and found the evidence that in this manner has been revealed in respect to the players that have participated in such activities, this institution has set a precedent with this decision.

“We want to set an example to current and future generations so that they will remain alert and not allow themselves to become involved in negative undertakings, wasting years of dedication and sacrifice for football, and ending their sporting careers at the same time they destroy the energetic support of the tremendous fan base our country has,” Mendez continued.

“The work is not finished at this time. For today, we are concluding a preliminary phase, and we have a new study to undertake in reference to other games that are being investigated, involving the national team and also teams involved in the CONCACAF Champions League, as well as other games that may emerge.”

CONCACAF, the governing body for football in North America, Central America and the Caribbean, said it fully supported FESFUT and its president in the investigation as well as the sanctions rendered.

“The fight against match-manipulation to protect the integrity of the beautiful game is a top priority for the Confederation,” said CONCACAF. “In alignment with FIFA guidelines and in line with CONCACAF's commitment to ensure the legitimacy of the sport throughout the region, it is our duty to fight against organized crime alongside all stakeholders involved.”

Footballers banned for life:

Miguel Angel Montes Moreno
Jose Mardoqueo Henriquez Dubon
Dennis Jhonathan Alas Morales
Dagberto Portillo Gamero
Luis Alonso Anaya
Alfredo Alberto Pacheco
Marvin Rene Gonzalez Leiva
Darwin Doronis Bonilla
Reynaldo Antonio Hernandez
Christian Giovanni Castillo Martinez
William Osael Romero Castillo
Ramon Alfredo Sanchez Paredes
Joaw Miguel Granadino Leon
Ramon Ulisds Flores Aguirre

Banned for 18 months:

Carlos Romeo Monteagudo Alfaro
Banned for 6 months:

Victor Samuel Turcios Pacheco
Eliseo Quintanilla Ortiz

Provision ban extended for 20 days in order to further the investigation:

Benji Oldai Villalobos Salgado
Rodrigo Alejandro Martinez
Rodolfo Antonio Zelaya Garcia
Emerson David Umana Corleto

Suspension revoked:

Carlos Josue Carrillo Chopin

Provisionally prohibited from football for 30 days:

Yimy Rodrigo Cuellar Leon
Alexander Escobar Rosales
Christian Alexander Sanchez Viscarra


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