Senator Lindsey Graham and Congressman Jason Chaffetz introduced a federal bill Wednesday that they say will "restore long-standing policy" that the Wire Act prohibits all forms of internet gambling.

The Restoration of America's Wire Act (bills HR4301 and S2159) would return the statute to its pre-2011 interpretation and reverse the Department of Justice's opinion that the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 only covers sports betting.

“This is yet another example of the Holder Justice Department and Obama Administration ignoring the law,” said Senator Graham (R-South Carolina), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “In 1999, South Carolina outlawed video poker and removed over 33,000 video poker machines from within its borders. Now, because of the Obama Administration's decision, virtually any cell phone or computer can again become a video poker machine. It's simply not right.”

Congressman Chaffetz (R-Utah) said in a press conference yesterday that if there is a case that people want to make for online gambling, they need to come to Congress where it can be debated and discussed and then “perhaps that piece of legislation would ultimately pass.”

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