The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has once again called on the Greek government to revise its iGaming legislation to introduce an open, regulated and fairly taxed market.

The RGA says that the best solution for the Greek government and consumers is to open the market to multiple licensees in order to provide value and choice.

The association, which represents the industry's leading operators, maintains that this is the only way to protect consumers from unlicensed operators, while benefiting the government through increased tax revenue.

"The current situation for online gambling in Greece is damaging to the reputation of the Greek regulator and Government,” RGA director of projects and policy Sue Rossiter explained. “It puts customers at risk by encouraging them to use unlicensed operators if they do not want to be restricted to the limited offer of OPAP.”

“That will inevitably deny the Greek Government millions of Euros in gambling and associated taxes,” she added.

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