The first effects of the UK’s move to a point of consumption regime are dribbling in with operators’ results but how are the independent jurisdictions coping?

“There is no doubt the last 12 to 18 months have been very torrid for our industry,” SBOBet chief executive Bill Mummery tells us in the latest issue of GIQ magazine, “not least around the UK. Industry in this part of the world is feeling somewhat bruised.”

SBOBet is based in the Isle of Man along with a number of Asian-facing operators such as 188Bet and 12Bet. But if operators are feeling bruised, how are the regulators and authorities feeling in the point of supply (POS) jurisdictions?

The UK’s move to a point of consumption regime has been the most significant of the European nations adopting a point of consumption (POC) tax and regulatory scheme. The UK is, after all, backing out of a more liberal framework passed only in 2006 rather than liberalising a monopoly system (as in France) or modernising laws that did not anticipate online gambling.

The scrapping of the most liberal gambling laws in Europe confirmed that POC is here to stay. It is a trend that many feel could threaten the likes of Alderney, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and Malta, but the independent jurisdictions remain bullish.

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